Tangye Hydraclaw Jacks

The Tangye Hydraclaw Jack, from Hi-Press Hydraulics, is capable of lifting 5 tonnes on its head or toe. It is powerful, light and easy to transport, offering 178mm lift, low clearance at 41mm, stability and robust construction.

The Hydraclaw hydraulic jack offers a 5 tonne lifting capacity on both the head and toe. The Tangye Hydraclaw is lightweight so it can be easily transferred by hand as it only weighs 18kg (including oil). The Tangye Hydraclaw Jack has the following features:

  • Powerful –  5 tonne capacity on head or toe.
  • Fast Operation – 5.5mm lift per stroke.
  • High Lift – 178mm.
  • Low Clearance – 41mm.
  • Robust & Ferrous Construction – built with steel to withstand rough treatment, suitable for use underground.
  • Stable – substantial base offers stability under load.
  • Safe – positive stop feature prevents over stroking and a pressure relief valve prevents overloading.