Enerpac hydraulic Equipment

Enerpac Industrial Tools
Accessories and Systems

Enerpac products for industrial applications
An Enerpac distributor since 1974

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Equalizer International

Equalizer International
Flange maintenance solutions

Award winning product range
safe, efficient and cost effective

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Hi Press Enerpac Hydraulic Repair Centre

Hydraulic Repair Centre

The Hi-Press Hydraulics Service Centre
performs hydraulic equipment repair

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Portable, Powerful, Safe Bolting

ENERPAC'S Bolting Solutions cater to
the complete bolting work-flow

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Enerpac XC series Battery Hydraulic Pump Banner

XC-Series, Cordless Hydraulic Pumps

Performance of a Powered Pump
Portability of a Hand Pump

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UPDATE: We are open for business and here to help. All normal services available and please chat to us about special delivery requirements

Enerpac Hydraulic Equipment | Hi-Press Hydraulics

High Pressure Hydraulic Tools & Equipment from Enerpac

Hi-Press Hydraulics are official UK distributors for Enerpac hydraulic equipment and products. We sell service & repair Enerpac high-pressure hydraulic products equipment & accessories.

Enerpac distributors since 1974. Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd are a market leading supplier of the full range of Enerpac industrial hydraulic products.

An Authorised Enerpac Service Centre. We service, test and repair a full range of high pressure hydraulic equipment including Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools.

We also sell and supply hydraulic equipment, and are distributors for a wide range leading brands including as Enerpac and Tangye.

And with almost 40 years’ experience on the Enerpac brand, we think we offer unrivalled knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Our experience covers just about any application for high and low-pressure hydraulic equipment in industry.

From car jacks to cutters, through specialised lifting and rail maintenance, to work-holding, pressing, pulling and bolting, as well as just about any other use for hydraulic equipment you can think of.

High Pressure Hydraulic Products & Equipment from Enerpac

Hi-Press are a market leading supplier of Enerpac Industrial Hydraulics

Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac Cylinders, Lifting Products & Systems

A complete line of high quality hydraulic cylinders

Enerpac Integrated Solutions Heavy Lifting

Enerpac Integrated Solutions – Heavy Lifting

Solutions for precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads

Enerpac Mechanical and Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Enerpac Bolting Tools

Precision bolting solutions for the most demanding applications

Workholding Devices

Enerpac Workholding Tools – Production Automation

Clamping solutions for every manufacturing process

Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps and Valves

Enerpac Pumps & Valves

Hydraulic pumps available in +1,000 different configurations

Enerpac System Components

Enerpac System Components

Ensure efficient operation of a high pressure hydraulic system

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses

Durable hydraulic presses for all workshop applications

Mechanical and Hydraulic Puller

Enerpac Pullers

Wide range of high strength mechanical and hydraulic pullers

Specialty Tools home

Enerpac Specialty Tools

Tools designed for maintenance and production applications

Rail Equipment Hi-Press

Enerpac Railway Equipment

Equipment for Railway Maintenance and Repair

Hi-Press Hydraulics

The best solution for all your hydraulic needs including Enerpac and Tangye

Enerpac Cylinder Products

Enerpac Products

Wide Selection Of Enerpac Hydraulic Products, UK Specialists

Onsite testing of enerpac hydraulic products

Onsite Hydraulic Testing

Onsite hydraulic equipment and hydraulic system testing

Hydram hydraulic cutters

Hydraulic Cutters

Leading supplier of hydraulic and cold cutting equipment

Enerpac bolting van

Enerpac Bolting Service

Controlled loosening and tightening of bolted joints

Tangye Hydraulics

Tangye Hydraulics

Lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks and other aluminium products

Hydraulic Service Center

Hydraulic Service Center

Specialist Service Center undertaking hydraulic cylinder design, hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repairs

Low Pressure Hydraulics

Low Pressure Hydraulics

Lower pressure hydraulics, hoses fittings, a wide range of products

Automotive Tools

Automotive Tools

A wide range of hydraulic automotive tools and garge equipment

Hi-Press – first for sales, service
and testing of Enerpac industrial hydraulics

Latest Hydraulic Products

Enerpac DSX Square Drive Aluminium Torque Wrenches

The Enerpac DSX aluminum square drive hydraulic torque wrenches include industry-first and patented* design features, which enable safer and easier operation while working at height. The five models in the series feature a working-at-height tether point and a retained reaction arm to prevent injury and near misses from dropped objects.
Enerpac Equalizer Maxi Flange Spreader Kit

Enerpac Equalizer Maxi Flange Spreader Kit

The Equalizer Maxi Kit takes your safety to the next level, a flange spreader set enables a simpler, safer and a more powerful solution for separating flange joints.


Enerpac RT-Multi Stage Telescope Cylinders

Enerpac RT SERIES Multi-Stage Telescopic Cylinder

For long cylinder strokes in confined spaces. NEW Enerpac RT-SERIES of telescopic cylinders.


NEW Enerpac Powerbox

Enerpac Power Box

The Power Box is the perfect portable tool set that includes all necessary hydraulic tools to start any application right away. The convenient storage box contains...


enerpac ptw pneumatic torque wrench

Enerpac PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Enerpac takes Bolting to the next level. Next to an extensive range of hydraulic bolting tools, Enerpac now offers pneumatic torque wrenches (PTW-Series).


Enerpac Maintenance Set in a Rigid Box

Enerpac Maintenance Set in a Rigid Box

Air Driven Pump Cylinder Set includes

Single-Acting Cylinder: RC, RCS or RCH-Series. Air Driven Hydraulic Pump: XA-Series


POW RISER Lifting Jacks

Enerpac’s PR Series, POW’R-RISER Lifting Jacks

POW’R-RISER Lifting Jacks

Enerpac’s PR Series, POW’R-RISER Lifting Jacks, from Hi-Press Hydraulics, benefit from a range of features...


Enerpac XA Series, Air Driven

XA-Series, Air Driven Hydraulic Foot Pumps

Air Driven Hydraulic Foot Pumps

XVARI® Technology high pressure air driven hydraulic pump features an ergonomic design for less operator fatigue


Hi press offers a range of hydraulic equipment services delivered from our our premises, or on-site
– Supported by our mobile testing and servicing facilities.

We can provide off-the-shelf solutions, and have the expertise and skills to create bespoke equipment for specialised applications.

Group of Enerpac products

Hi-Press – first for Enerpac Hi-Press supplies and maintains an extensive range of Enerpac products including:

  • Cylinders, lifting products and systems.
  • Hydraulic pump and valves
  • System components
  • Maintenance presses
  • Pullers
  • Speciality tools and sets
  • Bolting tools
  • Workholding
  • Concrete stressing products
  • Rail maintenance equipment

Tangye Lightweight Jacks & Pumps

Tangye Jacks, Tangye Cylinders, Tangye Pumps & Tangye Spares

Tangye Logo

We offer the full range of Tangye lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks, along with a wide range of other Tangye products including pumps. Tangye Hydraulic products have a long history of excellence and have been used worldwide for lifting and supporting since 1856.

Hi-Press Hydraulics offer sales, hire, testing‎ and repair of Tangye Hydraulic Equipment. Including Tangye Hydrapak Pumps, Hydralite, Hydraclaw and Hydramite Jacks.