High-Pressure Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Tools, Accessories, and Systems from Enerpac

Group of Enerpac products

Enerpac Industrial Tools, Accessories and Systems

Hi-Press Hydraulics supplies, tests and services Enerpac products & equipment

We carry a comprehensive range of Enerpac hydraulic products and industrial tools. We’re proud of our long experience, and the depth of knowledge and expertise behind our national and international services for the maintenance of Enerpac’s wide range of  tools for lifting, cutting, pressing, work-holding, pulling, bolting and more.

The Enerpac hydraulic products range from Hi-Press Hydraulics features the most comprehensive family of high-force products, distributed globally yet supported locally. The high and low-pressure Enerpac tools we supply and service help make you more productive, and make the work you do safer and easier. We’ve combined our decades of experience in hydraulics with the versatility of other force-generating technologies to deliver the widest range of reliable tools and accessories.

Enerpac hydraulic tools for virtually every industrial application

Through Enerpac’s complete line of products, Hi-Press Hydraulics provides innovative, effective and dependable solutions for just about all industrial applications. Enerpac has a solid reputation for manufacturing extremely high quality industrial tools, accessories and systems, all designed to increase productivity and make working safer and easier. To find out more about how Enerpac tools can enhance your efficiency and productivity in general or specialised applications, contact Hi-Press Hydraulics, the long-established expert for Enerpac products.

Enerpac Integrated Solutions Heavy Lifting

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Products

Enerpac’s heavy lifting range, including versatile concrete pre-stressing & post-tensioning products.

Globally-supplied, locally-supported heavy lifting products.

Enerpac Mechanical and Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Enerpac Bolting tools

Enerapac’s mechanical and hydraulic bolting equipment from Hi-Press Hydraulics provides precise & effective force in all types of industrial applications.

Workholding Devices

Enerpac Workholding Devices

Enerpac specialised tools aid operator safety during vehicle and infrastructure maintenance and repair.

Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps and Valves

Enerpac Pumps & Valves

Enerpac’s hydraulic pumps and valves are available in more than 1000 different power unit configurations.

Enerpac System Components

Enerpac System Components

A wide range of system components to complement Enerpac’s extensive range of cylinders and lifting systems – suitable for almost any application.

Rail Equipment Hi-Press

Enerpac Rail Maintenance Equipment

Enerpac’s specialised rail and railway maintenance tools from Hi-Press are designed for a wide range of work-site tasks, including aligning, clamping, straightening, lifting, pressing, pulling, stressing and surfacing.



The Enerpac Hydraulic Products Range

Hi-Press Hydraulics offers sales and servicing for Enerpac industrial tools, a range comprising the most comprehensive family of high-force tools, distributed globally yet with the efficiency of local after-sales support. Enerpac is at the leading edge of hydraulic technology, with time and cost-saving high quality tools designed to make working easier and safer – improving productivity across all industrial applications including lifting, work-holding, pressing, pulling, pumping, for specialty applications, also rail and railway maintenance.

Hi-Press Hydraulics is focused on providing customers with the most comprehensive line of globally supplied, locally supported tools for industry and heavy lifting, supported by top-grade customer and support services.

Enerpac Cylinders Lifting Products

Enerpac Cylinders, Lifting Products & Systems

Hi-Press Hydraulics sells and supports Enerpac’s extensive range of cylinders and lifting systems. Hi-Press supplies the hundreds of different configurations of mechanical and hydraulic cylinders and lifting systems made possible by the versatility of Enerpac’s cylinders, lifting products and components. Including everything from hydraulic jacks and lifting bags for portability and tight fits, to engineered systems for precise control over multiple lifting points.

Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps and Valves

Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps & Valves

Enerpac’s high-pressure hydraulic pumps are available in more than 1000 different hydraulic power unit configurations. Including manual pumps, battery-driven pumps, gas-powered pumps, air-driven pumps and electric-driven pumps, all perfectly matched to Enerpac’s family of tools and accessories. Enerpac’s high-pressure hydraulic pumps and valves from Hi-Press Hydraulics offer reliability, durability and safety, backed with a lifetime warranty. As with all Enerpac tools, its hydraulic pumps and valves are designed to help you work more productively and efficiently.

  • Hand and foot pumps: P-Series – 35 ton, low pressure, lightweight, 2800 bar; P392FP foot pump; P 11-Series; MP Series microfluid hand pumps
  • Electric Pumps: BP, PE, ZUTP, PU, ZE (Z-Class), ZU4 (Z-Class), PP-8000 & 9000-Series
  • Air Hydraulic Pumps: XA, PATG, PA, PAM, ZA4 (Z-Class), ATP-Series
  • Gasoline Pumps: ZG-Series Z-Class, PGM-Series ATLAS
  • Flow and Pressure Control Valves: VC, VE, VM-Series 3-way and 4-way valves; V-Series control valves

Mechanical and Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Enerpac Bolting Tools

From joint assembly, controlled tightening, torque wrench pumps to joint separation, Enerpac’s bolting equipment, tools & accessories, supplied and supported by Hi-Press Hydraulics, deliver the ideal combination of products and service for any project. Enerpac’s range of mechanical and hydraulic bolting equipment deliver precise & effective force to make working more productive, safer, and easier.

Workholding Devices

Enerpac Workholding Tools

Enerpac’s range of high pressure, hydraulic workholding devices, supplied and supported by Hi-Press Hydraulics, provide powerful clamping and positioning force to every type of manufacturing process. The range of tools includes an exclusive workholding cylinder series used for punching and clamping in automotive manufacturing.

  • Swing Cylinders: SU, SC, CA and MA, CAU, ASC, SL, ST, CAC and CAPT, MP-Series
  • Linear Cylinders: CST and CDT; CSM; BD, BMD, BMS and BS; PU; PL; PT; LU; ECH and ECM; HCS and MRH; BRW, MRW and RW; BRD; MP; MRS; LCA; BAD; FN, MF and BS-Series
  • Work Supports: WF-Series hydraulic advance, WS-Series spring advance, MP-Series Collet-Lok
  • Power Sources: PA, WU, ZWS (Z-Class), B and RA, P and SP, PA Turbo II, AHB and B, PID, ZW (Z-Class), WE-Series
  • Valves: MV, MVP and V, VFC, MH, HV, PLV, VP, PB and WM, PRV, TRX, PSCK and VFC, VA, VR, RFL-Series
  • system Components: AC; MCA, MPA and WCA; CR and CRV; G; A; FL; FZ and BFZ; DGR; GA, GS, NV and V; H700; A and C-Series

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac’s maintenance presses are available from Hi-Press Hydraulics in a wide range of sizes and capacities, from 5–200 tons or you can ‘build your own’ to unique specifications. These strong, durable Enerpac hydraulic presses are designed for the long-lasting, precise and safe provision of effective force in your workshop.

  • Roll Frame Press: BPR-Series
  • Workshop Press: XLP, VLP-Series
  • C-Clamp and Arbor Presses: A-Series
  • Tension Meter and Load Cells: T M-Series, LH-Series

Mechanical and Hydraulic Pullers

Enerpac Pullers

Enerpac’s mechanical and hydraulic pullers includes the widest range of sizes, capacities, and styles. Whether your application requires mechanical, hydraulic – or the patented Posi Lock® system Enerpac pullers, Hi-Press Hydraulics can supply and service the tools for the task. Enerpac pullers have a reputation for providing years of trouble-free operation, even in demanding environments.

  • Master Puller Sets: BHP-Series
  • Grip Puller Sets: BPH-Series
  • Cross Bearing Puller Sets: BHP-Series
  • Bearing Puller: BHP-Series
  • Bearing Cup Puller: BHP-Series
  • Hydraulic Grip Pullers: EPH-Series Posi Lock®
  • Mechanical Pullers: EP-Series Posi Lock®

Specialty Tools

Enerpac Specialty Tools

Enerpac’s Specialty Tools from Hi-Press Hydraulics, are available in both hydraulic and mechanical configurations. They are designed to efficiently and safely solve unique maintenance and production challenges such as bearing & wheel pulling, pipe bending, cutting, spreading and tensioning applications. Enerpac specialty tools are also available as complete sets – precisely matching tools, pumps and system components, to make working safer, easier and aiding productivity.

  • Maintenance Sets: MS-Series
  • Punches: SP-Series
  • Lifting Wedges: LW-Series
  • Spread Cylinders: WR-Series, A-Series
  • Self-Contained Cutters: WMC-Series
  • Cutter Heads: WHC-Series, WHR-Series
  • Pipe Bender Sets: STB-Series
  • Load Skate: ER-Series
  • Stressing Tools: DA-Series, PTJ-Series
  • Tool Pump Sets: ST-Series

Mechanical & Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Concrete Stressing Products

Hi-Press Hydraulics supplies and supports a varied range of versatile concrete pre-stressing & post-tensioning products, and associated hydraulic pumps and accessories. The range combines the best of three recognised brands: Enerpac, TT Fijnmechanica, and Precision SURE-LOCK®. It includes more than 400 anchorage products,

  • SURE-LOCK® strand anchorage products
  • Mono and multi-strand hydraulic tensioning jacks
  • Hydraulic pumps for tensioning applications
  • Strand processing equipment for steel extrusion, tendon fabrication, and cut-off operations

Rail Maintenance

Enerpac Rail Maintenance Equipment

Enerpac rail maintenance equipment from Hi-Press Hydraulics is designed to reduce transportation equipment downtime and improve overall productivity for the railway industry. The range includes railway industry specialised tools and equipment to enhance operator safety during vehicle and infrastructure maintenance and repair (MRO).

  • A-Series Mechanical track jack
  • RP-Series rail pullers
  • PR-Series POW’R-RISER lifting jack
  • WJ-Series hydraulic wheel truck jacks
  • TJ-Series POW’R CLAW hydraulic track jacks
  • RP-Series hydraulic rail pullers
  • 550-Series mechanical rail puller