Tangye Hydrapak Pumps

No Power Source? – Hydrapak Pumps, from Hi-Press Hydraulics, are the ideal solution when your environment means that no power source is available or when your power source fails. Hydrapaks are currently in use throughout the world and many Hydrapaks are kept as a back-up system – an alternative pumping method for when power packs or power sources fail. Tangye’s Hydrapak pumps have the following characteristics:

Fast: two speeds operation gives rapid prefill or no load approach

Compact: small in size but produces up to 700 bar pressure.

Portable: lightweight aluminium keeps weight down to 4.5kg.

Safe: optional factory fitted relief valve prevents over pressurisation.

Range: six models ranging from 110 bar to 700 bar are available.

High Flow: Interchangeable plungers allows selection of optimum pressure/flow characteristics.

Fluid Compatibility The standard pump is supplied with nitrile rubber seals suitable for use with mineral oils, water, oil/water emulsions, paraffin and glycerine. The pump body should not be left in contact with water for prolonged periods. After using salt water in the pump, thoroughly flush clean. Ethylene Propylene (E.P) seals are available  to order for applications using phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids and vegetable based brake fluid. E.P seals are compatible with skydrol 500B and LD4. please contact our technical department if in doubt.

Pressure Relief Valve: A factory set pressure relief valve may be fitted to the Hydrapak pump and set at any specified pressure between 56 and 700 bar. We strongly recommend that all hydrapaks are fitted with a pressure relief valve to prevent overloading and exceeding maximum safe working pressures.

Gauges: 100mm gauges and a fixing kit are available for horizontal mounting of a pressure gauge above the top face of the pump. For pumps with a double acting valve a fixing kit for vertical mounting is supplied. Six standard gauges corresponding to the six standard pressure ratings are available.

Double Acting Valve: A three position four port valve for control of double acting cylinders is offered as a factory fitted option. Valve outlets are tapped 3/8 NPT. There is no release valve assembly fitted to the pump body and, although internal leakage of the valve is minimal, isolation valves should be fitted to circuits where pressure must be sustained

Interchangeable Plungers: High/low pressure plunger kits can be supplied to change the pressure/flow characteristics to any of the six standards.