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cylinders and jacks

Cylinders and Jacks

Enerpac provides the largest selection of hydraulic cylinders, jacks and rams, fully supported and available

Enerpac hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Enerpac hydraulic pumps are available in over 1,000 different configurations. Whatever your requirement

system components

System Components

All the additional system components you need to complete your high pressure hydraulic system

Torque and tension tools

Torque and Tension Tools

Enerpac’s Torque and Tension Tool Bolting Solutions cater to the complete bolting work-flow, ensuring joint integrity

flange maintenance tools

Flange Maintenance Tools

The world-leading Equalizer flange maintenance tools joined the Enerpac portfolio in 2019

enerpac hydraulic presses

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses

Available in a wide variety of standard capacities and configurations, or you can “build your own”

industrial cutters

Industrial Cutters

Make cuts through heavy duty bar, chain, cable, nuts and similar materials

Hydraulic and Mechanical Pullers


A complete line of pullers with the widest range of sizes, capacities and styles

portable machine tools

Portable Machine Tools

World-class portable machining products – each one robust enough to handle the toughest of on-site challenges

Lifting tools

Hydraulic Tools

Enerpac offers an extensive range of dedicated hydraulic tools for a variety of specific and flexible applications

heavy lifting technology

Heavy Lifting Technology

High pressure hydraulics and controls to deliver intelligent and innovative heavy lifting solutions

workholding tools

Workholding Tools

A full range of workholding tools to provide powerful clamping and positioning force

Equalizer Flange Tools

Equalizer Flange Tools

Equalizer range of flange tools developed to simplify the maintenance of flange joints

biach nuclear tools

Biach Nuclear Tools

Enerpac’s nuclear line of tools has a formidable reputation for precision bolt tensioning

sweeney aerospace tools

Sweeney Aerospace Tools

Design, development and manufacture of highly specialized tools for the aerospace industry.

enerpac products
Torque and tension tools

Enerpac Industrial Tools

Hi-Press Hydraulics supplies, tests, and services Enerpac products & equipment, accessories, and systems

We carry a comprehensive range of Enerpac hydraulic products and industrial tools. We’re proud of our long experience, and the depth of knowledge and expertise behind our national and international services for the maintenance of Enerpac’s wide range of tools for lifting, cutting, pressing, work-holding, pulling, bolting, and more.

The Enerpac hydraulic products range from Hi-Press Hydraulics features the most comprehensive family of high-force products, distributed globally yet supported locally. The high and low-pressure Enerpac tools we supply and service help make you more productive and make the work you do safer and easier. We’ve combined our decades of experience in hydraulics with the versatility of other force-generating technologies to deliver the widest range of reliable tools and accessories.

Enerpac hydraulic tools for virtually every industrial application

Through Enerpac’s complete line of products, Hi-Press Hydraulics provides innovative, effective, and dependable solutions for just about all industrial applications. Enerpac has a solid reputation for manufacturing extremely high-quality industrial tools, accessories, and systems, all designed to increase productivity and make work safer and easier. To find out more about how Enerpac tools can enhance your efficiency and productivity in general or specialised applications, contact Hi-Press Hydraulics, the long-established expert for Enerpac products.

Hi-Press Hydraulics

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EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronized Heavy Lifting System

The Heavy Lifting System is the considered choice for precision heavy lifts.
New MLS-Series Wheeled Load Skates

New MLS-Series Wheeled Load Skates

Stability and versatility for all heavy machinery moves

NEW E330 Industrial Tools Catalog

ind the full portfolio of Enerpac tools in the ALL-NEW Enerpac E330 Industrial Tools catalog. At 400+ pages