6″ Claw/Toe Hydralite Jack

Tangye 6 mclaw toe hydralite jack

Tangye 6″ Claw/Toe Hydralite Jack

The Tangye 6″ Claw/Toe Hydralite Jack, from Hi-Press Hydraulics, lifts 20 to 60 tonnes at its head or toe. It is versatile and easy to operate, and benefits from a range of options to suit all kinds of applications, including different stroke options.

The Tangye 6″ Claw/Toe Hydralite Jack from Hi-Press Hydraulics is among the most popular of the Tangye hydraulic jacks range, offering models with the capacity to lift 20 to 100 tonnes. The lightweight Tangye 6″ Claw/Toe Hydralite Jack lifts up to 60 tonnes, and is part of a range offering features and benefits including:

  • Versatile – different stroke options, claw lift, screwed ram or plain ram
  • Low Clearance – claw models are available for lifting loads with low ground clearance
  • Load Sustaining – jacks with a screwed ram and load retaining ring should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant time
  • Easy Operation – the operating lever can be fitted in any one of the three positions in the quadrant to obtain the most suitable operating height




Operating Instructions