100 tonne Hydralite Jack

TANGYE 100 tonne hydralite jack

100 tonne Hydralite Jack

Capable of lifting 100 tonne

The 100 tonne Hydralite is powered by two internal pumps, the low pressure, fast- speed plunger moves the ram out quickly, up to a load of about 8 tonnes on the ram, before transfer to the high pressure plunger becomes necessary. The lift of the ram per stroke of lever is 1.1mm on low pressure and 0.1mm on high pressure.

The 100 tonne Hydralite jack has the following features:

  • Versatile – different stroke options, claw lift, screwed ram or plain ram
  • Low Clearance – claw models are available for lifting loads with low ground clearance
  • Load Sustaining – jacks with a screwed ram and load retaining ring should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant time
  • Easy Operation – the operating lever can be fitted in any one of the three positions in the quadrant to obtain the most suitable operating height




Operating Instructions