JAG – Cutter Units

JAG Hydraulic Cutter Units 

These are designed for remote cutting operations with double acting cylinders and a concaved edged single blade cutting system to ensure a clean and full cut of the finest and toughest:

  • Cable / Wire Rope / Tube and Reinforcing Bar
The cutting equipment is designed with a built in 4:1 safety factor and is manufactured to a rigorous quality procedure, proof tested and certified to meet with current CE specifications. All the cutting equipment is designed to operate up to a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI. The cutting equipment has a proven track record within:
  • Manufacturing / Mining / Recycling / Construction and Demolition
  • Offshore Subsea Engineering / Oil/Gas Production, Exploration and Decommissioning
  • Nuclear Power Generation and Decommissioning

JAG Hydraulic Cutter Units are high performance, reliable and robust production equipment, and offer a no nonsense ready to operate production package when combined with the ENERPAC or other range of products, to give the ultimate cutting package.


  • Smooth guillotine action reduces risk of jamming
  • Minimum operator effort when using powered pump
  • Double acting operation
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • All models cut a wide variety of materials
  • No set up time required
  • All models fitted with high flow couplers
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Cutter suitable for remote operation
  • Manufactured in UK
Model NoOutput (Tons)Weight (Kgs)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
HCU 383630400155270
HCU 638060450200390
HCU 908070515200390
HCU 11412095570280445
JAG unit schematic
Model No.Maximum Cutting Capacity (mm)
Wire RopeCableReinforcing barTube
HCU 3838382038
HCU 6363633263
HCU 9090903290
HCU 11411411440114
PartPart No
Hose AssemblyHC7210B / HC7220B
Pressure GaugeSSG2519-GA2
Control SwitchCHS04 / AW3
Hand PumpP842
Electric PumpZU4408LE / GPEM3420
Air PumpGPAM3410
Petrol PumpPGM3410R