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Equalizer International global expert in flange maintenance solutions.
Award winning product range is safe, efficient and cost effective.

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Flange Spreading

The Equalizer™ range of patented flange spreading tools has been developed to assist in the spreading of all flange joint types including those with no access gaps between them.

Secure Grip Spreading

If the flange joint you are working on has no access gap between the flanges or you are concerned about damaging the flange faces or the flange joint you are working on has a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve positioned between the flanges.

Flange Alignment

Depending on the size of the flange joint and the alignment force anticipated, there are 3 sizes of Equalizer™ flange alignment tools to choose from.

Wind Turbine Tool

Working within the tower sections of wind turbines, or tools assist in aligning / de-ovalising large internal pipe flanges and specifically can help resolve bolt hole misalignment.

Flange Pulling

The Equalizer™ Flange Closing Tool has been developed to pull flanges together during installation or maintenance. The FC10TE can be used on any flange with a bolt hole diameter of 22mm (7/8”) or greater.

Nut Splitting

The Equalizer NS Nut Splitter range has been designed in response to industry calls for a more effective tool to split nuts on flange joints both on and offshore. In addition to being cost effective and efficient, the Nut Splitter also meets Equalizer’s criteria for designing and developing tools which are safer to use.

Hydraulic Pumps

The Equalizer range of Hydraulic hand pumps have been designed with a sealed oil reservoir, this allows the pumps to be used in any orientation without the risk of oil spills or air contamination.


The Equalizer™ ATEX Certified Range of Tools are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and to conform with the EU directive 2014/34/EU.

Equalizer International is the world’s leading designer and supplier of flange maintenance tools.

Equalizer International Ltd

Equalizer International Ltd has a global reach of over 100 countries spanning five continents, this includes a network of 65 exclusive distributors who service and supply the Equalizer™ range within their designated territories.


Equalizer International (initially known as Future Alignments) was established by brothers Bob and Graham Stephen in 1994, based on little more than a single idea developed in a garden shed in North-east Scotland. Since then we have grown to become the world’s leading designer and developer of flange maintenance tools. After a number of years of steady development and consolidation to build a company based on strong foundations, we have seen outstanding international growth in recent years.