V-Series, 4-Way Directional Manual Control Valves

V Series, 4 Way Directional Manual Control Valves
  • Enerpac four way directional manual control valves provide advance/hold/retract operation for use with double-acting or two single-acting cylinders
  • Reliable control of double-acting cylinders
  • Remote or pump mounting on most Enerpac pumps
  • Return line kit included with remote valves
  • Available “locking” option on VC and VM-series control valves for load-holding applications.

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Valve Type Valve Mounting Location Model Number Flowpath Weight
Manual 4-way, 3-position (4/3)
Tandem center Pump VM-4 Advance / Hold / Retract 2,1
Tandem center Remote VC-4 Advance / Hold / Retract 2,9
Tandem center, locking Pump VM-4L Advance / Hold / Retract 3,9
Tandem center, locking Remote VC-4L Advance / Hold / Retract 4,7
Closed center Remote VC-20 Advance / Hold / Retract 2,9
Closed center, locking Remote VC-20L Advance / Hold / Retract 4,7