CAC, CAPT-Series, Pivoting T-arms

CAC, CAPT Series, Pivoting T arms

Clamping two workpieces with one cylinder … quick and precise clamp arm positioning

  • Easy and precise location of the clamp arm in any position
  • Arm can be easily installed and fastened while the cylinder is mounted in the fixture to allow exact arm positioning
  • Vise not required for fastening arms or threaded into the fixture
  • CAC-92, -202 and -352 are only to be used on double-acting cylinders.

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Clamp Arm Length
Clamping Force For Swing Cylinder Pivoting T-arms Model Number
(mm) (kN) Series: SU, SL, ST, SC Collar T-Arm
152,4 5,6 52 CAC-52 CAPT-52
203,2 9,0 92 CAC-92 CAPT-92
203,2 11,6 122 CAC-122 CAPT-122
203,2 18,7 202 CAC-202 CAPT-202
228,6 33,8 352 CAC-352 CAPT-352