FN, MF, BS-Series, Cylinder Mounting Accessories

FN, MF, BS Series, Cylinder Mounting Accessories

Enerpac cylinder accessories for for optimum mounting and fixture flexibility to match specific applications

  • Mounting flanges:
    For bolting cylinders to suit the application
  • Flange nuts:
    For mounting threaded body cylinders in any position
  • Contact bolts:
    Allow cylinders to act as a datum point in your clamping applications, and protect the piston when cylinders are used for pushing applications

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Flange Nut Mounting Flange Spherical
Contact Bolt
mm Model Nr. Model Nr. Model Nr.
M4 x 0,7 BS-42
M6 x 1,0 BS-62
M8 x 1,25 BS-82
M10 x 1,5 BS-102
M12 x 1,5 FN-122 MF-122
M16 x 2,0 BS-162
M20 x 1,5 FN-202 MF-202
M28 x 1,5 FN-282 MF-282
M35 x 1,5 FN-352 MF-352
M42 x 1,5 FN-422 MF-422
M48 x 1,5 FN-482 MF-482
M55 x 1,5 FN-552 MF-552
M65 x 1,5 FN-652 MF-652
M80 x 2 FN-802 MF-802