ECH, ECM-Series, Pull down clamps

ECH, ECM Series, Pull down clamps
  • Enerpac low profile pull down clamps for unobstructed top face machining
  • Independent horizontal and vertical movement for a true pull down effect
  • Compact size and low height allows more flexible and economic mounting than comparable dedicated vise
  • Manifold and BSPP porting
  • Contamination resistant design for low maintenance, removable guard for chip removal
  • Oil ports on both sides for mounting flexibility
  • Optional mechanical counter hold provides pull down on end stop for large parts
  • Mounting bolts included for ease of installation

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Lateral clamping force
at 350 bar
Pull down force
at 350 bar
Stroke Model number Effective area Oil capacity Mounting bolts 1)
kN kN mm cm2 cm3
Hydraulic pull down clamps
3,9 1,3 5,1 ECH-52 1,16 0,13 M8 x 45
17,4 5,8 7,9 ECH-202 5,03 1,07 M12 x 80
Holding force For pull down
down clamp
model number
Model number Mounting bolts
included 1) number
Replaceable ribbed
jaws model
Mechanical counter holds
3,9 ECH-52 ECM-5 M8 x 35 EJCR-5
17,4 ECH-202 ECM-20 M12 x 65 EJCR-20

1) Torque M8 with 24,4 Nm, M12 with 85,4 Nm.
The use of T-nuts requires longer bolts.