Enerpac Collet-Lok® Products

Collet Lok® Products

Enerpac Collet-Lok® products combine the automation of hydraulic actuation with the security of an internal locking mechanism. After actuation and locking, these products maintain their clamping or supporting capacity without maintaining hydraulic pressure in the circuit. Available in Swing, Push, and Work Supports models, Enerpac Collet-Lok® products are also available in numerous special configurations and modifications.

MP Series, Collet Lok® work supports

MP-Series, Collet-Lok® work supports

Force 8,9 – 44,5 kN
Stroke 10 – 19,6 mm
Pressure 100 – 350 bar

MP Series, Swing cylinders Collet Lok® design

MP-Series, Swing cylinders Collet-Lok® design

Force 4,4 – 37,8 kN
Stroke 24,2 – 42 mm
Pressure 100 – 350 bar

MP Series, Collet Lok® Push cylinders

MP-Series, Collet-Lok® Push cylinders

Force 11,1 – 22,2 kN
Stroke 15,0 – 15,3 mm
Pressure 50 – 350 bar