ER-Series, Heavy Duty Caterroller Load Skates

ER Series, Heavy Duty Caterroller Load Skates
  • Rugged and sturdy construction for long life
  • Low profile construction for increased stability
  • Low rolling-resistance allows for easy transportation
  • Attachable load leveling plates and swivel turntables for turning corners.

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Set Capacity* Set
Load Skates
Turntable Swivels
Plates 2x
Set Weight
handles and
storage case
ton (kN) ER.jpe (11981 bytes) ES.jpe (11276 bytes) ELP.jpe (11149 bytes) kg
20 (178) ERS-20 ER-10 ES-10 ELP-10 49
30 (267) ERS-30 ER-15 ES-15 ELP-15 55
60 (533) ERS-60 ER-30 ES-30 ELP-30 75

* Sets are designed to enable two skates to take full load for extra safety on uneven floor surfaces.
Download catalogue pages for more information on individual Load Skates, Turntable Swivels and
Leveling Plates in 1, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 80 ton capacities.