Enerpac Specialty Tools

Specialty Tools

Enerpac’s Specialty Tools are available from Hi-Press in hydraulic and mechanical configurations. Hi-Press also offer all Enerpac’s specialty tools as complete sets, offering the precise matching of tools, pumps, and system components.

Within the hydraulic industry, Enerpac provides the most extensive range of mechanical and hydraulic specialty tools. So whatever your business needs Hi-Press’s expertise combined with Enerpac’s comprehensive range, ensure we can provide exactly what your business needs.

All Enerpac’s specialty tools are designed to exacting standards. So efficiency and safety are of the utmost importance. Hi-Press Hydraulics can solve unique maintenance and production challenges such as bearing & wheel pulling, pipe bending, cutting, spreading and tensioning applications. So call us now to discuss your Enerpac’s specialty tool needs.

Enerpac Mechanical & Hydraulic Specialty Tools

MS Series, Hydraulic Maintenance Sets

MS-Series, Maintenance Sets

Capacity 2,5 – 12,5 ton *
Max. Pressure 350 bar

SP Series, Lightweight Hydraulic Punch

SP-Series, Lightweight Hydraulic Punch

Capacity 35 ton
Hole Sizes 7,9 – 20,6 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

SP Series, 50 Ton Hydraulic Punch

SP-Series, 50 Ton Hydraulic Punch

Capacity 50 ton (490 kN)
Hole Sizes 13,5 – 26,2 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

A, WR Series, Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders

A, WR-Series, Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders

Capacity 0,75 – 1,0 ton
Tip Clearance 12,8 – 35,0 mm
Max. Spread 94 – 292

LW Series, Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge

LW-Series, Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge

Max. Lifting Force 16 ton
Lifting Stroke 21 mm
Tip Clearance / Max. Spread * 10 mm / 81,5

SOH Series, Hydraulic Machine Lifts

SOH-Series, Hydraulic Machine Lifts

Lifting Capacity 8,5 – 20 ton
Stroke 136 – 157 mm
Toe Clearance 20 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

CM Series, Industrial Storage Cases

CM-Series, Industrial Storage Cases

Case Size 19 – 453 litres

WHC, WHR, STC Series, Hydraulic Cutterheads

WHC, WHR, STC-Series, Hydraulic Cutterheads

Capacity 3 – 20 ton
Cutting Capacity 12 – 101 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

WMC Series, Self Contained Hydraulic Cutters

WMC-Series, Self-Contained Hydraulic Cutters

Capacity 3 – 20 ton
Cutting Capacity 14 – 85 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

STB Series, Pipe Bender Sets

STB-Series, Pipe Bender Sets

Nominal Pipe Size 1/2 – 4 inch
Max. Bending 90º
Max. Pressure 700 bar

ST Series, Tool Pump Sets

ST-Series, Tool-Pump Sets

Punch Sets 35 ton
Cutter Sets 4-20 ton
Pipe Bender Sets 1/2-4 inch
Max. Pressure 700 bar

MS series, base, collar and plunger attachments

MS-series, base, collar and plunger attachments

capacity 2,5 – 12,5 ton
pressure 350 bar

MS series, chains and attachments for pulling

MS-series, chains and attachments for pulling

capacity 2,5 – 12,5 ton
pressure 350 bar

MS series, tubes, connectors and adaptors

MS-series, tubes, connectors and adaptors

capacity 1,0 – 12,5 ton
pressure 350 bar

Hi-Press Hydraulics are official UK distributors for Enerpac hydraulic equipment and products. We sell, service & repair, Enerpac high-pressure hydraulic products, equipment & accessories.

Enerpac distributors since 1974. Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd are a market leading supplier of the full range of Enerpac industrial hydraulic products.

Enerpac authorised service center

Hi-Press Hydraulics are an Official Authorised Enerpac Service Centre.

As an Authorised Enerpac Service Centre. We have the equipment and expertise to service, test and repair a full range of high pressure hydraulic equipment including: Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools.

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