Enerpac Joint Assembly Tools

Joint Assembly Tools

Correct joint assembly and alignment are crucial to joint integrity Whether you are pulling in a pipeline connection, fitting winches to a boat deck or overhauling a dragline, the wide range of Enerpac’s Joint Assembly products provide simple-to-use, dependable solutions to the time-consuming, less accurate traditional methods.

FF Series, Mechanical Flange Face Tool

FF-Series, Mechanical Flange Face Tool

Pipe Flange Cutting Diameter Range ø 25-305 mm / 1-12″
Internal Pipe Mounting Range ø 25-152 mm / 1-

RCH Series, Single Acting Hollow Plunger Cylinders

RCH-Series, Hollow Plunger Cylinders

Capacity 13 – 95 ton
Stroke 8 – 155 mm
Center Hole Diameter
19,6 – 79,0 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

ATM Series, Flange Alignment Tools

ATM-Series, Flange Alignment Tools

Min Bolt Size 16 – 31,5 mm
Flange Wall Thickness14 – 228 mm
Max. Force 10 – 90 kN

SC Series, Cylinder Pump Sets

SC-Series, Cylinder-Pump Sets

Capacity 5 – 95 ton
Stroke 38 – 362 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar