ST-Series, Bolting Tool-Pump Sets

ST Series, Bolting Tool Pump Sets
    • Performance match tool-pump sets
    • Nut Splitter Sets – splits nuts quickly and safely in seconds
    • Flange Spreader Sets – separate pipe flanges with ease, enabling efficient maintenance tasks
    • Wedge Spreader Set – friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement without risk of spreading arm failure
    • All sets include 1,8 m safety hose HC-7206, gauge GP-10S and gauge adapter GA-2
Bolting Tool Capacity Set Model Number Nut Splitter Flange Spreader Wedge Spreader Hand Pump Turbo Air Pump
ton (kN)
10 (89) STN-1924H NC-1924 P-392
15 (134) STN-2432H NC-2432 P-392
20 (178) STN-3241H NC-3241 P-392
5 (45) STF-56H FS-56 P-392
10 (101) STF-109H FS-109 P-392
10 (101) STF-109A FS-109 PATG-1102N
14 (125) STF-14H FSH-14 P-392