PIT-Series, Ultra-Booster Tensioner System

PIT Series, Ultra Booster Tensioner System


  • Ultra booster tensioner system works in combination with any hydraulic pump for doubleacting torque wrenches that deliver a continuous oil flow of minimal 2 l/min and a working pressure of 160 bar; ideal to work in combination with the ZE4TW-pump.
  • Very flexible solution for all applications that require up to 2000 bar of working pressure


  • High portability as the PIT-1500 only weighs 10 kg
  • Useable with any electric or pneumatic driven pump and convert it into a ultra-high pressure pump


  • Preset 1:13 pressure intensifier ratio
  • With a 10-micron filter and visual filter condition indicator
  • Standard with an easy-to-read 100 mm diameter pressure gauge with 1% accuracy over full scale

Low Investment

  • In situations where both hydraulic torque wrenches and bolt tensioners need to be used, only one pump will be needed instead of two when an ultra booster is used
Max Operating
Model Number Maximum Input
Oil Flow Rate Oil Ports * Weight
(bar) (bar) min input max output (BSPP) (kg)
2000 1 : 13 PIT-1500 20 – 200 2,0 15,0 1/4″ 10

* High Pressure port is 1/4″ BSPP 120˚ Cone.
Outside dimensions L x W x H: 320 x 140 x 318 mm.