Enerpac Mechanical and Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Mechanical & Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Hi-Press Hydraulics, offer Enerpac mechanical and hydraulic bolting tools solutions. Whatever your business needs bolting, Hi-Press Hydraulic’s has the answer.

Enerpac’s bolting tools ensure that quality precision and effective force are always of the highest standards. Making your work performance safe and more productive. Whether your business needs joint assembly or controlled tightening, and torque wrench pumps to joint separation – Enerpac’s bolting equipment, tools & accessories have the right solution for your bolting needs.

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Joint Assembly Tools

Joint Assembly Tools

FF-Series, Mechanical Flange Face Tool
RCH-Series, Hollow Plunger Cylinders
ATM-Series, Flange Alignment Tools
SC-Series, Cylinder-Pump Sets

Controlled Tightening Tools

Controlled Tightening Tools

PTW-Series, Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
ETW-Series, Electric Torque Wrenches
S-Series, X-Edition, Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
W-Series, X-Edition Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
WCR-Series, Roller Cassette Torque Wrench
S-Series, Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
W-Series, Low Profile Hexagon Wrenches
SQD-Series, Square Drive Wrenches
HXD-Series, Hexagon Cassette Wrenches
E-Series, Manual Torque Multipliers
GT-Series, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
BSH-Series, Heavy Duty Sockets
HT, B Series, Accessories for Bolt Tensioners and Pumps
THC, THQ-Series, Torque Wrench Hoses
W-Series, Ultraslim Stepped-Width Torque Wrench Cassettes

Joint Separation Tools

Joint Separation Tools

FSH, FSM-Series, Hydraulic and Mechanical Wedge Spreaders
FS Series, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders
NC-Series, Single-Acting Hydraulic Nut Splitters
NS-Series, Hydraulic Nut Splitters
A, WR-Series, Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders

Associated Pumps

Associated Pumps

PME, PMU-Series, Portable Electric Torque Wrench Pumps
ZU4T-Series, Electric Torque Wrench Pumps
ZU4T-Series Classic Torque Wrench Pump
ZE-Series, Electric Torque Wrench Pumps
ZE-Series, Wind Power Torque Wrench Pumps
TQ-Series, Lightweight Electric Torque Wrench Pump
PTA-Series, Compact Pneumatic Torque Wrench Pump
ZA4T-Series, Air Driven Torque Wrench Pumps
ZUTP-Series, Electric Tensioning Pumps
ATP-Series, Ultra-High Pressure Air Pump
HPT-Series, Tensioning Hand Pump
ST Series, Bolting Tool Pump Sets
ST-Series, Bolting Tool-Pump Sets
PIT-Series, Ultra-Booster Tensioner System
HT, B-Series, Accessories for Bolt Tensioners and Pumps
THC, THQ Series, Torque Wrench Hoses

Hi-Press Hydraulics are official UK distributors for Enerpac hydraulic equipment and products. We sell, service & repair, Enerpac high-pressure hydraulic products, equipment & accessories.

Enerpac distributors since 1974. Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd are a market leading supplier of the full range of Enerpac industrial hydraulic products.

Enerpac authorised service center

Hi-Press Hydraulics are an Official Authorised Enerpac Service Centre.

As an Authorised Enerpac Service Centre. We have the equipment and expertise to service, test and repair a full range of high pressure hydraulic equipment including: Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools.

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