Enerpac Mechanical and Hydraulic Pullers

Mechanical and Hydraulic Pullers

Hi-Press offers sales and support for Enerpac’s extensive range of mechanical and hydraulic pullers. Enerpac’s dedication to quality and design of their mechanical and hydraulic pullers makes every puller solution of the highest standards. So even in the harshest of environments, you can rely on your Enerpac puller. Making your work more productive, safer, and easier to perform.

Hi-Press Hydraulics offer Enerpac mechanical and hydraulic pullers in a comprehensive range of sizes, capacities, and styles. Whatever your application needs, mechanical, hydraulic or the patented Posi Lock® system, Enerpac can match your requirements. All Enerpac pullers are manufactured using high strength steel alloys, so your business can depend on years of trouble-free operation.

BHP Series, Hydraulic Master Puller Sets

BHP-Series, Master Puller Sets

Capacity 8, 20, 30, 50 ton
Reach 252 – 700 mm
Spread 250 – 1100 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar *

BHP Series, Grip Puller Sets

BHP-Series, Grip Puller Sets

Capacity 8,20,30 and 50 ton
Reach 252 – 700 mm
Spread 249 – 1100 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar *

BHP Series, Cross Bearing Puller Sets

BHP-Series, Cross Bearing Puller Sets

Capacity 8,20,30 and 50 ton
Reach 354 – 863 mm
Spread 266 – 570 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar *

BHP Series, Bearing Cup Pullers

BHP-Series, Bearing Cup Pullers

Capacity 8,20,30 and 50 ton
Reach 110 – 145 mm
Spread 26 – 359 mm

BHP Series, Bearing Puller

BHP-Series, Bearing Puller

Capacity 8, 20, 30, 50 ton
Spread Range 9 – 292 mm
Width Range 126 – 264 mm

EP Series, Posi Lock® Mechanical Pullers

EP-Series, Posi Lock® Mechanical Pullers

Capacity 2 – 40 ton
Max. Reach 101 – 355 mm
Spread Range 12 – 635 mm

EPH Series, Posi Lock® Hydraulic Pullers

EPH-Series, Posi Lock® Hydraulic Pullers

Capacity 10 – 50 ton
Max. Reach 203 – 355 mm
Spread Range 19 – 635 mm

EPH Series, Posi Lock® 100 Toni Hydraulic Grip Pullers

EPH-Series, Posi Lock® 100 Ton Hydraulic Grip Pullers

Capacity 100 ton
Max. Reach 1219 mm
Spread Range 190 – 1778 mm

Hi-Press Hydraulics are official UK distributors for Enerpac hydraulic equipment and products. We sell, service & repair, Enerpac high-pressure hydraulic products, equipment & accessories.

Enerpac distributors since 1974. Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd are a market leading supplier of the full range of Enerpac industrial hydraulic products.

Enerpac authorised service center

Hi-Press Hydraulics are an Official Authorised Enerpac Service Centre.

As an Authorised Enerpac Service Centre. We have the equipment and expertise to service, test and repair a full range of high pressure hydraulic equipment including: Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools.

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