Enerpac Travel Gantry

Travel Gantry

The travel gantry combines the safety and efficiency of a hydraulic gantry with the ease of use of SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) technology. With a lifting capacity of 60 tons, the travel gantry sets a new standard in equipment and container handling. Hydraulically propelled rubber tyres and carousel turning allow the travel gantry to move in any direction and in multiple environments. Housing the diesel driven hydraulics within the gantry itself enhances mobility by eliminating hoses and ensuring a safe workspace.

The travel gantry features self-contained hydraulics, telescopic cylinders and wireless controls. All operations are controlled from the wireless controller and are automatically corrected by Enerpac’s unique software, keeping the gantry from going out of sync. The system will also abort lifts if it senses overload conditions. The addition of a runner winch can be used to lift small auxiliary objects.

Setup for operations takes less than 1 hour. When a job is complete, the rubber tyre gantry is capable of automatically folding itself up. Upon folding, the entire travel lift gantry can fit in a standard 40’ shipping container for storage.

Key Features

  • Rubber Tyres – Hydraulically propelled rubber tyres provide superior mobility.
  • Self-collapsing – Capable of automatically folding up and fitting within a standard 40′ shipping container.
  • Self-contained Power Packs – Eliminating hoses improves mobility and workspace safety.
  • Wireless Controls – Wireless controls allow the gantry operator to maintain a safe distance during operations and will auto-correct preventing the gantry from becoming out of sync.