Strand Jack Gantries

Strand Jack Gantries

Strand jack gantries are a custom developed product for lifting and skidding heavy loads. Strand jacks enable a load to be lifted vertically over long distances while a skidding system or hydraulic gantry enable a load to be moved horizontally over long distances. The system is designed to allow you to operate in confined spaces. The capacity, height, width and capabilities are built to meet the needs of the customer’s application.

Strand jack gantries are built in 2 configurations:

  • Strand jacks are mounted on top of a steel support structure and at the bottom of each leg of the steel structure is a skidding system.
  • Strand jacks are mounted on top of a hydraulic gantry and skid tracks are placed on top of the steel support structure.

The system consists of 4 major components:

  • Steel support structure
  • Strand jacks for vertical lifting (HSL-series)
  • Hydraulic gantry or skidding system (HSK1250) for horizontal skidding
  • A hydraulic power unit situated on the ground level

Turbine Module Transportation at TS Power Plant
The self-propelled tank rollers of the SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry transported the turbine longitudinally, 230 feet (70 meters) along the elevated runway.