Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET)

Self Erecting Tower (ESET)

The Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower is a custom developed self-erecting-tower-lift system that enables a high lifting free-standing gantry to be built from ground level. Built with standard modular components, the Self-Erecting Tower can be supplied in various capacities and heights, enabling a flexible solution for future project demands.

Loads can be moved with precision in all directions: lifting, lowering, skidding back and forth, and side shift capabilities. Strand jacks positioned on top of the header beam can lift 1200 metric tons up to 100 meters, as well as slide sideways along the header beam. Built upon skid tracks, the entire tower can also slide back and forth, even when fully erect.

The header beam arrangement can be installed at ground level using two small rough terrain cranes. Once installed, the header beam arrangement is erected to height via a synchronized push up type system integrated into the tower bases.

When compared with large capacity cranes, the Self-Erecting Tower has a very minimal footprint and significantly reduces transportation and set up costs. It can be used in a wide variety of operations, for example, the installation of reactor vessels in petrochemical plants or erecting a shipyard crane. The stand jacks can also be used for other applications.

Self Erecting Tower (ESET)

Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET) Lifts Petrochemical Hydrocracker Vessels
Using strand jacks connected to the hydrocracker vessel, the ESET lifted each vessel and accurately positioned them accordingly. Compared to larger ringer cranes, the ESET provided a smaller footprint, faster mobilization time and lower transportation costs.