Enerpac Custom Hydraulic Presses

Custom Hydraulic Presses

Our hydraulic presses can be configured to fulfill a broad range of applications. Each press is designed and manufactured according to customer specifications and in cooperation with our engineering team. With decades of experience in manufacturing shop presses we have the expertise to determine the appropriate features for your pressing needs.

Key components of our custom presses:

Power units

  • Custom air-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic power units
    – Different flow rate to achieve needed advance/retract speed
    – Remote Auto Cycle for Automated Operations (see controls capabilities)
    – Hydraulic pressure up to 10,000 psi

Custom controls

  • Touchscreen, PLC Control, and auxiliary automation
    – Digital read out of stroke, pressure and load
    – User menu options (i.e. tool part numbers, specific units display, etc.)
    – User entered pressure/stroke parameters
    – Full control over pressure and stroke based on preset parameters
    – Custom automation including loading of parts
    – Automatic adjustment and movement of press using actuators
  • Data output and traceability
    – Output data to customer systems for display and/or traceability (data acquisition)
  • Safety
    – Anti-tie down buttons-requiring activation of two buttons simultaneously
    – Light curtains
    – Proximity Sensors

Hydraulic cylinders

  • Double and single acting cylinders
  • Tonnage: 5 – 400 tons
  • Stroke: 1/4 – 80 inches
  • Custom rod end
  • Hydraulic pressure up to 10,000 psi


  • Pressure sensors and switches
  • Stroke sensors
  • Load cells
  • Limit switches


  • Vertical and horizontal press
  • Cylinders mounted in upper and lower bolsters (i.e. swaging applications)
  • Height built to customer specifications
  • Daylight (vertical and horizontal) built to customer specifications
  • Spring compression to preload shock