Enerpac Petrol Hydraulic Pumps

Gasoline Pumps

Enerpac petrol (gasoline) hydraulic pumps are designed for high efficiency, with higher by-pass pressure for improved productivity. The petrol-powered hydraulic pump line ranges from small portable and high-performance transportable configurations, to large capacity power units. Petrol-engine hydraulic pumps are ideal for delivering hydraulic pressure.

PGM Series, Gasoline Hydraulic Pumps

PGM-Series, Petrol (Gasoline) Hydraulic Pumps

Reservoir 4 – 8 litres
Flow 0,66 l/min
Motor Size 2,2 kW
Max. Pressure 700 bar

ZG Series, Gasoline Hydraulic Pumps

ZG-Series, Petrol (Gasoline) Hydraulic Pumps

Reservoir 10-20-40 litres
Flow 1,64 – 3,3 l/min
Engine Size 4,1 – 4,8 – 9,7 kW
Max. Pressure 700 bar