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Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

RT-Series, Multi-Stage Cylinders

RT-Series, Multi-Stage Cylinders

Enerpac compact, multi-stage telescopic cylinders are available with two or three pistons, and can lift loads

up to 600 mm in a single movement

Nitrocarburized surface treatment inside and out provides unparalleled sideload resistance and corrosion protection for safe use in the harshest conditions The longer stroke length of telescopic cylinders will save you time and simplify projects by moving a load a greater distance and eliminating the use of temporary cribbing

Multi-Stage Cylinders

1st Stage: maximum load capacity at lowest maximum stroke

2nd Stage: extended stroke but at lower maximum capacity than the 1st stage

Final Stage: maximum stroke extension but lowest maximum capacity

WARNING: If several telescopic cylinders

need to be controlled simultaneously Enerpac recommend the use of EVO or EVOB-Series Synchronous Lifting Pumps Enerpac advise not to use SFP-Series Split-Flow pumps to operate several telescopic cylinders at a time due to the volume difference on the different stages

  • Nitrocarburized surface treatment inside and out provides corrosion protection
  • 3% side-load of full capacity
  • Double or triple wear bearings support lifting stages
  • Tilting saddles with 5 degrees of maximum tilt standard on all models
  • Design Safety factor complies with ASME B30.1 & EN1494
  • Certified lifting eyes for safe handling and positioning
  • CR-400 coupler for compatibility with standard product
  • Steel cylinder base for maximum strength./li>

Multi-Stage Telescopic Cylinders, Single-Acting, Load Return