Enerpac DSX Square Drive Aluminium Torque Wrenches

The Enerpac DSX aluminum square drive hydraulic torque wrenches include industry-first and patented* design features, which enable safer and easier operation while working at height. The five models in the series feature a working-at-height tether point and a retained reaction arm to prevent injury and near misses from dropped objects.
Enerpac Equalizer Maxi Flange Spreader Kit

Enerpac Equalizer Maxi Flange Spreader Kit

The Equalizer Maxi Kit takes your safety to the next level, a flange spreader set enables a simpler, safer and a more powerful solution for separating flange joints.


Enerpac RT-Multi Stage Telescope Cylinders

Enerpac RT SERIES Multi-Stage Telescopic Cylinder

For long cylinder strokes in confined spaces. NEW Enerpac RT-SERIES of telescopic cylinders.


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Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd can supply a wide range of hydraulic automotive tools and garage equipment including Trolley Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Axle Stands and Bushing Tools.

Enerpac’s RC-Series DUO Cylinders available from Hi-Press Hydraulics

Enerpac's C-Series DUO Cylinders benefit from features designed to extend reliability and working life.
Enerpac W22000 Steel Hydraulic Torque

Enerpac W22000 Steel Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Available from Hi-Press Hydraulics is Enerpac\'s W22000 Steel Hydraulic Torque Wrench.
pow riser lifting jacks

Enerpac PR Series, POW’R-RISER Lifting Jacks

Enerpac’s PR Series, POW’R-RISER Lifting Jacks, from Hi-Press Hydraulics, benefit from a range of features for rugged efficiency and ease of use.