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Videos of Hi-Press hydraulic products

Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd can supply a wide range of hydraulic automotive tools and garage equipment including Trolley Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Axle Stands and Bushing Tools.
Enerpac SyncLift   synchronous lifting systems

Syncronised Lifting Systems

In partnership with Enerpac, Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd have been involved in several applications where a syncronised lift is crucial. The Syncronised Lift System can be tailored to your specific needs, using multiple lifting points all controlled to millimetre precision by an electric pump unit connected to a touch screen computer controlled system.
Remote Control Power Pack Cuttout

Remote Control Hydraulic Power Pack

In an environment where manual handling was not possible, this automatic coupling system was proposed, to solve the problem of connecting and disconnecting the hydraulic circuit.
insertion tool

Insertion Tool Assembly

The customer needed a tool to insert bushes, in an application where was speed was critical due to time limitations for accessibility. Hi-Press designed a bespoke fast-acting hydraulic insertion tool to meet that need.
Enerpac Power Pack

Bespoke Enerpac Power Pack

The customer requested we duplicate his existing system set up, which involved the modification of a standard Enerpac power pack, to include a spring to centre valve, digital gauge and roll frame with lifting eyes.
Hydraulic Lowering Table with integral cylinders

Hydraulic Lowering Table with integral cylinders

The customer wanted a synchronised, high speed, lowering system to be enclosed in a pit. Hi-Press designed and installed a hydraulic lowering table with built-in integral cylinders, complete with an electric power pack operated by a pendant control. The system proved to be highly effective, resulting in the purchase of an additional two assemblies.
Enerpac CHT8 Cutter

Modified CHT8 Cutter with Power Pack for Nuclear application

The customer wanted us to modify a standard CHT8 cutter for decommissioning purposes. A bespoke frame was constructed to house the cutter and power pack. The application was very successful and resulted in the order of a duplicate system.