The Enerpac Lightweight E-Pulse Electric Torque Wrench
Pump Outperforms in the Harsh Environment

enerpac hydraulic e-pulse
enerpac e-pulse

E-Pulse Electric Torque Wrench Pump


Global Engineering and Construction needed an efficient, compact, lightweight, and durable solution due to the tight areas of pipework, the amount of torqueing required, and the harsh worksite environment. The fully enclosed lightweight aluminum housing of the Enerpac E-Pulse Electric Torque Wrench Pump ensures that contaminants are kept from entering the pump’s vital components, which can lead to premature wear
and costly downtime. The E-Pulse Electric Torque Wrench Pump with a finned aluminium reservoir has a built-in oil heat exchanger which aids in the pump’s ability to disperse heat build-up efficiently. Therefore, operators can continue to work longer, particularly in warmer weather. For bolting applications, the use of the intelligent auto cycle function on the torque wrench pump also improves application completion speed. The intelligent auto cycle senses when the wrench should retract eliminating the wasted time and wear and tear of having to set pressure every cycle when it is not required to turn the nut. The E-Pulse Electric Torque Wrench Pump was an efficient power source for tightening the flanges according to the flange tightening specifications which took approximately seven hours.


The compact, lightweight design and continuous duty cycle of the E-Pulse Torque Wrench Pump made for quicker, easier work. The job was able to be completed ahead of schedule and did not require any downtime. GEC’s Operations Support, Matt Small said “the E-Pulse Pump is lighter and more compact than previous pumps used. The lightweight design does not require a two person lift when loading, un-loading or moving in tight areas of pipework and confined spaces”. with many other brands.